Our work over the years has shown there is a "tipping point" which, when reached signals that a project management culture will "stick: and become part of the organizational landscape. This typically involves a number of factors -- the number of PMs who have had comprehensive in-house training; business sponsors who support the program; a robust array of tools and methodologies; the number of certified PMs; and most importantly, projects being delivered "successfully" -- that is, according to specifications and within the original cost and time parameters.

So, what does success look like? PMs and sponsors are using a common vocabulary to discuss projects. Sponsors are demanding to see the project plans more frequently. PMs are regularly providing risk assessments. Meetings are more productive. Requirements are written down, more thoroughly and produced earlier in the project. Implementations are less frantic. The customers are happier.

There comes a moment when all this simply becomes the way things are done. This point will certainly vary across organizations, but it is there. Look around. Do these conditions exist in your organization?


Is true project competency in reach?
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