Are you a CIO, CEO or CFO with late or over budget projects?
Is your organization struggling with delivering projects?
Are you struggling with growing the business?

We know from our own experience that project success is measured by more than just the perspective of time, budget and scope. There are other key factors that must be in place to ensure that projects are being managed effectively. For instance, are we meeting key checkpoints (e.g., requirements, workflow and technical design, code, test, roll-out)? Is our end user ready to receive the finished product? Does our sponsor fully support the project? Do we know who our sponsor is? Are all stakeholders fully bought into the project vision? Does the fact that some or all of these factors are not in place signal that the project is in jeopardy?

The GiG Q-ssessment from Gardner Project is our FREE online tool that will help identify your issues around project execution and it will help us begin to understand and address those issues with you. We pose some very focused questions in this tool to pinpoint where project management is working well in your organization and where it needs to be strengthened. You can determine the relative health of your project environment by completing this short exercise. Then, together we can use the results to develop action plans tailored to your organization's needs.

The GiG Q-ssessment from Gardner Project

(Estimated completion time is 30 minutes)
Step 1. Project Initiation
Step 2. Requirements Management
Step 3. Risk Management
Step 4. Communication
Step 5. Project Handover and Post-Implementation
Step 6. Professional Development




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