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Tightening the alignment between management actions and business goals


Our coaching experience began in early 2006 as an outgrowth of Gardner Project’s work to assist clients in laying a stronger foundation of leadership to support the project management discipline.

To date, we have coached more than 450 Team Leads, managers and senior managers in the IT and product/sales spaces.  We also develop and deliver Project Management training programs, team building sessions and tailored workshops on leadership for team leaders and managers.

Cari is a 500 hour Kripalu Yoga teacher with broad experience in other traditions.
She has 7 years experience teaching in the corporate setting.
Her resume tells of working in many different industries from advertising to real estate, to teaching in special education settings for the very young as well as the very old.
She is very much a woman of the world and brings humor and joy into her work.

These workshops, working sessions and the coaching are all intended to ensure more successful and expeditious project outcomes, and have now developed into a powerful tool to affect personal leadership and ownership outcomes.


Coaching for Team Leads should begin shortly after they move into their roles and continue for six months thereafter.  Individuals being coached are encouraged to bring issues of the day as well as focus on their long term growth goals within the company.  Areas addressed in the sessions include such disciplines as: working as an entrepreneur; work delegation; communicating with team members, managers and business partners; performance management; motivating and inspiring the team; balancing administrative and technical tasks; managing and leading.

Coaching provides these tangible and intangible benefits – individuals in the coaching program are able to:

Tie manager and team actions to business goals using a specialized  and individual foundation;

Become empowered and confident to develop their own signature leadership presence and style and their entrepreneurial power in negotiating expectations with key stakeholders;


Reflect on and explore their accountability in project disconnects and breakdowns and address them;

Look at the complex web of interactions within and across IT and business units as a system and be proactive in these relationships;


Identify typical risks to project success, discuss those with senior managers, and integrate critical and effective mitigation steps with considerable success;


Bring performance management issues to fruition sooner;

Benefit from the neutral coaching space that serves as a safety valve to develop their resilience and balance of response to fast-moving stressful situations;


Creation of an entrepreneurial culture is constantly challenged by the lack of knowing how to take control by Team Leads and Managers; a series of specially designed workshops examine this phenomenon and generate avenues to success.

To maintain this leadership trajectory, on-going focus is required in these areas:

Making ownership happen within the team, including delegation, follow-up, accountability, creative decision-making and setting and managing expectations;

Objective management of stressful situations;

Developing individual’s unique leadership styles;

Delivering performance management messages in a timely, appropriate and effective manner;

Entrepreneurial model – both business and technical managers must ensure they avoid overlap and friction regarding their roles;

Balancing strategic and tactical responsibilities;

Empowering IT managers to keep their technology edge;

Being a role model;


Negotiating from a position of strength… for resources, point-of-view, work priority.



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