The issues associated with implementing project management disciplines are well documented through industry studies of insufficient buy-in at the senior level of the organization, lack of a project life-cycle framework, poor alignment of business and project objectives, incomplete requirements, no planning. But, are your organization's issues related to projects well known? Have you been able to identify and define the issues that prevent your projects from being delivered on time, on budget and to specifications?

It often starts at the top. Companies typically do not take a holistic view of projects and frequently do not know the "top ten" projects that will move the company forward. Too often, in developing project governance, there is no connection made among the critical project stakeholder communities' operations, IT, sales, customer service, training, legal, audit...

Management routinely struggles with prioritization. Priority is often set within lines of business. Sponsors and project managers must often juggle competing priorities. Resources may be promised at inception and then moved away at a critical juncture in the project. Key stakeholders may be left out of the picture.

PMs in this environment are not empowered to be truly proactive in achieving project success. Without real empowerment, they cannot take sufficient responsibility and be truly accountable for outcomes.



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