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August 2009: Leadership seminar at the PMI NJ Chapter

Seminar at Sea
Donald Gardner conducted a leadership seminar at the PMI NJ Chapter's Annual Event in August 2009. The Chapter offered a unique opportunity by conducting this year's Event onboard a cruise ship from New York City to St. John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia. The seminar, entitled Project Management on the Head of a Pin explored the principles of project leadership to build a strong individual leadership foundation and raise the productivity of the project team.

What is Project Management on the Head of a Pin?

On the Head of a Pin... All too often, we are burdened by a bureaucratic project management life cycle apparatus that requires overhead and energy. It's really not about the framework... what we need is sustainable leadership. That requires a lean approach, discipline, easily deployable tools and leadership. We need project management, on the head of a pin. Successful leadership for individual projects is demonstrated when project managers exhibit the confidence and assertiveness to move their projects forward. And, when practiced over time, this way of being creates a corporate culture where leadership in projects is expected, indeed, demanded, from and by all stakeholders. While this discipline starts in the project war room, to be truly sustainable, it must be simple and it must be supported from the executive board room.

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